Hut, Hut! UW Cowboys Football – What to Expect

For the video storytelling assignment, I did a story about the University of Wyoming cowboys football team with sophomore quarterback, Tyler Vander Waal. We interviewed three key figures in the UW football program, senior linebacker Logan Wilson, head coach Craig Bohl, and Coach Eric, one of the strength coaches. The interviews and final product contain […]

Be Sure to Check Out These Top 5 Concert Venues in Colorado!

Colorado is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the United States, with its beautiful Rocky Mountains with over 30 ski resorts, and of course, its amazing concert venues that even attract some of the biggest musicians in history. This post contains the top 5 venues in Colorado that you should be sure to […]

Reading into It: Fines, Fees and Filching

Theft or Accident? The purpose of libraries is for the public or specific patrons to have access to thousands of books library-wide. This could be for research or plain entertainment. The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world, containing over 167 million books. However, smaller libraries such as the Albany County Public […]

Exploring the Unique Devices of Photography

Symmetry and Patterns This image of a Snake Plant represents an example of the symmetry and pattern photography device mostly because of the zebra-patterned leaves. It is almost like an illusion; the eyes are drawn from the bottom leaf into the center hole of the plant, and then as you look at the hole, it […]

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