Promoting on Instagram

This assignment was quite fun, because I have been familiar with Instagram for the past 7 years, since 2012. However, recently I deleted Instagram for a while because I wanted to take a break from social media and focus on myself. But in re-downloading it for the purposes of this assignment, I was still, obviously, able to work it. I made a separate account for the assignment rather than using my personal one. You can visit it here!

For this assignment, I used Canva to create captions on top of my photos that I wanted to post, along with captioning them on the actual Instagram post. I used a lot of popular hashtags as well to try to get my posts more noticed since I created a new account. I used certain fonts, sizes and font colors that I thought fit the mood of the photo.

If anything, the only tough thing about this assignment was re-downloading it after I’ve deleted it to escape the media for a while. As I’ve said, I have been using Instagram since 2012, so I had no technical issues as far as getting it to work and figuring it out. The other time-consuming portion was creating the text over the photos on Canva, but even that wasn’t hard. It actually surprised me how quickly and smoothly I completed this assignment.

In doing this assignment, I explored around a little bit on Instagram and the discover pages, and I saw a lot of promotional posts using this media platform. Also, when we did the analyzation of companies on Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram, like Nike vs. Adidas, they are all promotional posts about launching products, commercials or campaigns. So, using Instagram in a real life career situation would be beneficial in a variety of ways.

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