An Uncommon Interest

Raw File

University of Wyoming junior, Anthony Schaff, discusses a topic that is not usually of common interest within his age group. He emphasizes the importance of the Electoral College in smaller states such as Wyoming.

Edited File

Interviewing Anthony was a very smooth and easy process. I am good friends with Anthony, and he can just talk and talk forever, so I knew he would be a great subject for this project. I have done numerous interviews for this class and other classes combined, so I was very familiar with the process of how to record an audio interview.

The audio editing experience was really difficult and stressful for me at first, but then I figured out how to use Audacity and it was actually very simple. I got on a roll and started editing super easily and finished the project in about an hour and a half. I liked how it was so easy to cut parts out, since all the project entailed was trimming it down to two minutes. I also liked how the software allowed me to expand the file so that I could cut out some really short or tiny pieces of the file. I will definitely be using Audacity in the future if necessary.

The portrait I took of Anthony was in his home in front of a fish painting done by one of his roommates. His personality is very dry and he’s a super quiet and independent person. He is not the typical college boy; he is interested in things that most people his age wouldn’t be, hence his decision to talk about the Electoral College. He doesn’t ever smile for photos unless he is forced to, so I think this photo of him captures his true personality.

I honestly have to say that nothing surprised me at all about this assignment, even the fact that Anthony wanted to talk about the Electoral College because I know his personality and he is very much interested in that sort of unique topic.

For the most part, everything went very smooth for my project. I didn’t have any trouble finding the right information to keep and the right information to cut to shrink it down to two minutes. If I could do something differently, I think I would ask a different question that would encourage him to talk about something more interesting, because in all honesty, the Electoral College is not something that a lot of people his age would see titled and want to listen to it.

I think as a communication and journalism major, there is a lot of opportunities to use audio recordings. Radio shows, online articles, sports interviews… it all can incorporate audio into it; that’s what makes good news stories is when you can bring your listeners or audience into the scene when they can hear the tone or mood in someone’s voice.

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