Tweet, Tweet!

This assignment was one of my personal favorites: it was extremely challenging and encouraged me to get out and report something as it was occurring. For this blog post, I chose to dive deeper into an event that was more personal and meaningful to me and my family. I Tweeted at the final mass hosted at Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church on Easter Sunday, April 21. This is my family’s traditional church that we visit every Sunday.

Photo Courtesy of My Own Work

You can visit my account and view my Tweets on the event HERE!

I used the PR approach because I was Tweeting about the facts of the church and the process of the Easter mass which is all factual and a proper, “set-in-stone” procedure towards celebrating His resurrection.

Something enjoyable about this experience is that personally, I really liked choosing an event that is really important to me and sharing it with others. Even though not everyone is Catholic, in my perspective, I think it’s interesting to learn about other religions and their traditions! This experience, however, was quite stressful I have to say, because for my event, I always had to keep my eyes and ears open to catch good quotes from the Priest or what have you. I also felt pretty bad about constantly being on my phone all during the mass to post my Tweets, and even though my parents were aware of my assignment, the others around me were not.

I learned that live Tweeting or live broadcasting is a very stressful thing to do, because you can’t have anything planned out; you have to report it as it happens, so you don’t know what to expect. With that said, it surprised me how creative I can be and how quickly I was able to come up with quality information that I thought was Tweet-worthy. If I could do something different next time, I would choose an event that I didn’t feel guilty about being on my phone at!

Nowadays, social media is the main form of communication and the most effective way for news and facts to reach people, especially some of the younger generations. I think social media is going to continue to grow and become more common as well – if that’s even possible – and so there will always be effective ways to use it in careers, especially my own that I won’t even start for another couple of years.

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