My name is Jenna Casasanta. I was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and have lived in Broomfield, Colorado since I was four years old. Until college, I’ve lived with my younger brother (18), my older sister (23), and my mom and dad. My whole life I’ve played basketball and soccer, as well as ran track in high school. I prefer to stay very active and busy. In the summers I love spending time outdoors with friends or family; I love hiking, biking, running and of course going to concerts!

The purpose of this blog is to extend my knowledge on more social media platforms rather than the ones I’m already familiar with. I hope that I can share some great stories, photos and videos on my blog so that anyone can see it and follow me on my journey through my new blog!

I originally attended UW with intentions to study pharmacy. Since I was young I’ve always wanted to be a pharmacist. After my first year taking pre-requisites for the pre-pharmacy program, which included a few literature and writing classes, I realized it wasn’t for me. I’ve always loved to write and have been very good at it. It was now since last Spring of 2017 that I recognized my passion for writing. Now, I study communications and journalism, and I am very happy with where I’m at currently.

Some ideas I have planned out for myself for a career in communications and journalism include possibly writing or editing for a big company magazine like Composure or Access Hollywood, or also the idea of a career in advertising. I believe I am very creative and artistic, so I would love to pursue a career in something that I could apply those talents to!

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