Hut, Hut! UW Cowboys Football – What to Expect

For the video storytelling assignment, I did a story about the University of Wyoming cowboys football team with sophomore quarterback, Tyler Vander Waal. We interviewed three key figures in the UW football program, senior linebacker Logan Wilson, head coach Craig Bohl, and Coach Eric, one of the strength coaches. The interviews and final product contain information about the team, preparation for next Fall, and expectations for the results.

Watch the video here:

UW Football Head Coach, Craig Bohl, courtesy of FootballScoop

A big thrill for me about the experience was getting to go into the new athletics building because I have never seen it. It was so cool to experience. Another thing that stuck with me was interviewing Coach Bohl. I had texted him to ask if he would be willing to do an interview for our video, and I didn’t get a response. Then, when Tyler and I went in to do the interviews with Logan and Coach Eric, Coach Bohl walked into the conference room unexpectedly and said “I heard someone wanted an interview. I’ve got like five minutes.” Sitting down with him was such a cool experience and a very intimidating one, too. He is such a nice man and very intelligent and proper, and it was such a memorable experience to get to sit down and interview him.

I didn’t like how we didn’t get very much time to complete this project. If we got to do something different it would definitely be to do this project a little bit earlier than we did, because it felt like it was rushed and that we could have gotten better footage for B-roll and things like that. However, I’m happy with the interviews that we got to complete; we got really good information from all three subjects.

Video is an extremely essential tool in the world of journalism and reporting. If possible, I believe that it would even be necessary to do all news stories or feature stories, what have you, with a video. Videos allow the viewers to see expressions on the subjects’ faces and hear the emotions in their voices. I think videos make stories more memorable and easier to connect with the public and the event that is being covered.

Quarterback Tyler Vander Waal, courtesy of Mountain West Connection

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